What's up Wednesday

Yeah, not sure what I'm calling Wednesdays yet, but I'm starting on my resolve to make Wednesday my "what we're up to" update type day. So, what is new in the world of Beth and Nate?

Big fat nothing to be quite honest. Ok, that's a bit extreme. It's been quiet as of late though. Our weekend was a bit choppy as Nate worked super late on Friday and also on Saturday for a bit. But, we managed to salvage some nice time together, while he did skip out on mass, we went out for a nice dinner afterward at Red Lobster. Yeah I know, it's Lent, we should be eating seafood on Fridays. But it just worked out for us to go there on Saturday.

Sunday we slept super late. Later than I have in a long time. I must have needed it. I know Nate did. Anyway, we got up and made some breakfast and then did a little shopping so I could bake cupcakes again. I made chocolate salted caramel this time - they turned out the best of all my cupcakes so far. But oh my goodness were they SWEET. They tamed down a bit after a day or two, but I'm kind of glad Nate took the majority of them to work because they kind of almost hurt your teeth with sweetness!

We went and had dinner with Nate's parents Sunday night and it was nice to spend some time catching up with them. We also played one of the games they got us for Christmas and it was so much fun. I'd like to play it again with a few more people, it's a word game you play with two teams. Lots of fun!

Nate hasn't made anymore sausage yet, but he will be doing so while he is on a little vacation from work. Since they finally hired a second Mac tech, Nate's taking some MUCH needed time off next week and I'm so happy he'll be getting a little break.

Speaking of breaks, we have a rare weekend coming up with no Praise Project gigs or even rehearsals. We can do what we want, when we want and I won't lie, while I love Praise Project, I'm kind of excited for an entire weekend off. Especially when last weekend was so disjointed with Nate working and such. I have made no plans for us right now and I plan to kind of keep it that way at the moment, maybe be spontaneous this weekend. I think Friday will be a movie night at home, got one from Netflix sitting at home just waiting to be watched. After that, who knows!

And that's about it from here. Nate's also been talking about brewing beer again soon, as two of our kegs are empty, so I'm looking forward to that! Maybe we'll do that this weekend!


Gina said...

Glad that you two have a free weekend coming up! Those are always nice to have with no plans and do whatever!

Jes said...

Enjoy your weekend my dear!