The great balancing act

Some days I think I've got this balancing thing down and other days not so much.

How is it possible in this day in age with technology and various gadgets and what not that you could end up overbooking yourself in a given day? I haven't figured that out quite yet. I suppose part of it stems from my people-pleaser personality of never being able to say no. At any rate, sometimes choices need to be made and all I can do is promise to do better next time. I'm not perfect. I make mistakes.

There is also the matter of this blog here. I have talked a bit about how I started a daily fashion blog and I have to admit that right now, I'm enjoying blogging there a bit more. Perhaps it's because I'm a crazy narcissist who needs to take their photo everyday and share it with the world (yeah, I'm being sarcastic here). I think it has more to do with this little community I've found myself in - I've met all these awesome and inspiring women (some of whom live right here in MN) and it's become a daily routine of almost having virtual coffee with each other. They're supportive and engaging and I have just been having so much fun with it that it's become my top priority in blogging.

And that's the main problem - I just find myself putting more energy into that blog and then I think about writing here and some days I just have nothing to share. I could talk about the weather, I could talk about a whole host of trivial and boring things, but I think that would get old to read about every single day.

I don't want to abandon this blog all together though. When I set out to write here, it was to be about Nate and I and our daily lives - and it still is to some extent, but it's been a sounding board for a lot of other things too, some of which include my musings on life and I've started putting some of that into my other blog as well, so then I also find I don't want to be posting such things twice, especially when I know some of you read that blog too.

So where does that leave me? I have some ideas to breathe new life back into this blog while still maintaining my other one as well. I'm going to attempt to bring back theme days - such as Music Mondays, as I've wanted to get back into those again, and hopefully more Fabulous Fridays. I want to try to do a "What we did Wednesday" kind of recapping the week and hopefully sharing more of our activities and more about our life again. Right now, I'm shooting for those three days of the week for this blog, if I can do more than that, awesome, if not, it'll hopefully help me balance a bit better.

Life can be like a tightrope - it takes a lot of practice to balance just right so you don't fall off.


Jes said...

Balancing is a true art that comes with practice, and I think you are doing better at balancing than you think. I love what you have been adding to your fashion blog and understand why you are focusing on it!

Gina said...

I agree with Jes - balancing is an art, but you are doing an excellent job! I love going to your fashion blog everyday to see what your style is and that is really your forte. (I'm not kidding when I said I needed to hire you to be my personal shopper)