Music Monday - Go Your Own Way

I grew up with Fleetwood Mac. It was a group my parents both really enjoyed. My mom and I would listen to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks albums on vinyl - yep I remember vinyl - and dance around the living room. It's one of my best childhood memories.

So I'm driving to lunch and I hear this cover of "Go Your Own Way" from Rumors and I was super impressed. I don't always like hearing covers of my favorite bands, but somehow whenever I heard a Fleetwood Mac cover I ended up really liking it. And this one is no exception.

This artist's name is Lissie - I have heard and enjoyed some of her other music too and had no idea she had covered this song. Apparently she has an entire album of covers, though this one is not on it. Odd. Anyway, here is the song, enjoy this first installment of Music Monday!


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Jes said...

I have heard that cover on the radio! Love it! Thanks for letting me know who it is ;)