Today is a special day

It's a special day for two reasons. One, my mother-in-law Barb is 60 years old today. And she is a special lady since she gave birth to the most important person in my life! Happy birthday Barb!

Secondly, today is Nate's two year anniversary at MasterSwitch IT. And man have these last two years just flown by. It's hard to believe that just over two years ago we were in some of the darkest times of our lives.

I want to believe we'll never be in that kind of situation ever again - but I know there's always a risk in today's world. But that's ok. I rejoice in each day that we are where we are.

And I simply love where we are.


Gina said...

That's awesome! Can't believe that Nate has been there for 2 years now!

Jes said...

Happy Birthday to Barb and Happy Work Anniversary to Nate!! What a great day!