It could be worse

You ever have just one of those weeks? I'm there. It's been a trying week at times, I've been dealing with some less than pleasant issues at work. It's just one of those points in life where things are just not ebbing and flowing so wonderfully right now in general. It happens.

So, I haven't been in the best of moods, but then things pop up that sort of put life back in perspective for me and remind me "It could be worse."

Speaking with a co-worker I learned that she received a huge paycut and slash in her vacation time when her position was changed earlier this summer. While there are some developments with my job I'm less than excited about at the moment - I am not getting a paycut or losing vacation time. I am so incredibly thankful for that right now I could nearly burst.

The other huge thing is that this weekend there's a big shake up coming in the Catholic community - the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis have seen it fit to reorganize and restructure the many churches of the greater Twin Cities Metro area. There's a big article about this in today's Star Tribune and they don't mince words. Some churches WILL be closing. We will find out which ones are closing, which ones are consolidating and what not at masses this weekend.

Knowing this, I'm thankful I am in the situation I'm in right now. I'm ok with traveling between churches at the moment. I worry about the church we left over a year and a half ago and wonder if it's on the chopping block. And if it is, I'm super thankful I'm not there. I do feel bad for anyone who's going to be affected by this and losing their worship space. Yes, a church is just a building, but it's still going to be hard on those folks. It will be interesting to see what develops.

So it was another example to me that things could definitely be worse.

The topper was watching those Chile miners be rescued yesterday - such an amazing story of hope and inspiration. Definitely something that gives a reality check that things are not so bad around here.

Sometimes it's good to be humbled.


Gina said...

I know what you mean. I'm interested to see what's going to be announced this weekend at the masses. Things could be worse...sorry to hear you week isn't going the greatest.

Cyndy said...

Mike's family church combined with another church this summer. It was super sad a depressing to see the church "close" however the building is still open for weddings and funerals. The congregation is joined at the other church, renamed it and everything. After +125 years, it is empty.

Hope Friday brings you sunshine!