Success and Normalcy

Oktoberfest 2010 comes to a close and it was a big success. We had so many wonderful people in our home on Saturday night and the bar was a hit! I couldn't have picked better weather - in fact it was almost a little too warm, got a bit stuffy inside the house, but outside it was a fantastic evening. We had more food than we knew what to do with but everything was super yummy. I hope everyone who made it out had a good time - I know we certainly did and feel so blessed and happy to have so many great friends!

Finished bar!

So proud of him - love this addition to our basement!

And now we go back to "Normal" whatever that is. There is one more piece to the bar that my dad has mostly been working on and helping with - he's building a base to go around the freezer at the bottom, but that will be done very soon from what I hear. After that though our projects are pretty much done for now. We'll take the winter off!

We have things going on, Nate's got an art class going right now, we have some birthdays in the family coming up, Halloween is drawing near already and really, our own birthdays and (gasp) the holidays are just around the corner, so there's plenty to keep us busy coming up - but it will be nice to not have our schedule dictated by where we're at with the projects we were working on. We can just go back to living our crazy, busy lives as we usually do. And that feels pretty good right about now!


Gina said...

Wow! The bar looks awesome! Don, Nate and John did a great job building it!! So glad that we were able to come out on Saturday for the party, it was a wonderful time!

Jes said...

Everything looked great!! The party was a blast! Thank you so much for including us, and being awesome friends :)