Summer lovin'

You know, in my last post, I said we've been busy.  And that it's been hot.  But I'm sitting here thinking after reading a blog post from Jes - she quoted her husband John as saying "I love this summer" the other night.  And as I'm looking at the things we've already been able to do, heat and busy-ness and all, I kind of love this summer too.  It's been good so far.  

Beach days, patio nights, birthday celebrations for friends and family, pedicures, beer brewing, golfing, shopping sales.

How can you not love a summer that includes those things?  And there's more to come.  More time with friends, more beer brewing, vacations, making a CD with Praise Project, the State Fair, more golfing, hopefully more pool or beach time, eating out on patios, and yes, hopefully some work in the yard, can't all be super fun I suppose!

Maybe the biggest reason this summer is better so far is that Nate isn't as stressed at work.  I'm sure that is helping a lot actually.  But actually I think the more helpful thing is I'm not really putting any pressure on ourselves to make this a great summer.  We're taking things as they come, taking things one day at a time and are finding a balance even in the crazy busy times.  

I don't know, whatever it is, it's working.  I love this summer.

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Jes said...


This is a great summer!