I'm so content right now.  This past weekend was seriously just what the doctor ordered.  The only problem is that it went by too quickly!

Last week was rough in my "female" department - yeah TMI I know, but for real, I was super miserable all week long.  It finally eased up on me by the weekend so the timing was perfect.

Friday we had a fun double date with my parents, since we didn't have to rush off to a rehearsal or anything like that.  It was nice to go to dinner for a change!  After that we headed to the movie store and home to watch a movie.  So relaxing.

Saturday I got up early and walked to Caribou to meet my parents.  From there I went out on a little shopping excursion as several local groups I follow were having vintage sales on Saturday.  Even better, they were all within minutes of each other so I made a fun little loop around the south side of Minneapolis.  AND I stuck to my budget that I set for myself.  I was very proud.

Saturday afternoon Nate and I had a fun treat, we got to go to a Surly Brewing tour!  We've been wanting to do that tour for ages and finally got lucky enough to get in.  It was awesome.  Lots of free beer and it was fun to see where they make their beer.  After that we had a nice dinner out and headed home to watch another movie.

Sunday Nate took an all grain brewing class.  To put it in the very simplest terms, what he usually does is extract brewing, a simpler way of making a batch of beer, think of it like using a cake mix.  All grain brewing is more or less everything from scratch, like doing something completely homemade.  So he's ready to do all grain brewing and took a class to learn more about it.  Today he is off from work actually making the all grain brew.  It's going fairly well from what I've heard, he has learned a lot if nothing else.  I'm proud of him.

We've set a date for Oktoberfest already - I know, crazy.  But it gets bigger and bigger every year and we even have a couple of out of town friends who wanted to plan to come, so we set a date and are sending it out on Facebook already so hopefully that will help some with planning their schedules!

So I feel good right now.  I feel on top of things and in control and rested and happy.  And for this moment, that's enough!


Gina said...

So excited for Oktoberfest! Glad you had a great and relaxing weekend!

Jes said...

I'm glad you are feeling so content right now :) I hope that continues!