The end of the no buy

So tomorrow more or less ends my self imposed "no buy." As previously mentioned, tomorrow the Cities 97 City Sampler comes out and I wanted to keep my tradition of getting a copy, so when I started my month long shopping ban, tomorrow seemed like a logical day to end.

So now I am asking myself a few questions -

Have I learned anything from my month of no shopping?

I think I have learned a bit. I think that I am easily influenced by sales, to the point where maybe I used to buy something just because it was on sale. I think that I was a horrible impulse buyer, where I'd buy something because in that moment I really thought I needed it, when maybe I really didn't. I think I was the worst about that when it came to purses. I would get in "I want a new purse mode" and come hell or high water I'd buy myself one, whether it was a good idea or not.

I think that if anything, I will be able to more easily think through "do I really need this, will I still want it a week from now" than I was able to before. We have been looking at our spending in general and trying to be more budget minded overall, so I think that will help too. Day to day living is actually rather expensive.

Did I break my no buy at all?

Save for one pillow, nope. And I feel that the pillow was a necessity. I have been sleeping so much better since buying that new pillow.

So can I just go shopping like crazy now and buy whatever I want?

As I said above, I hope to be more budget conscious from now on and less impulsive about my spending. I think it's unrealistic to say I won't ever shop again - but I just hope to be more responsible about it in general.

Did you accomplish what you wanted with this project?

Yes and no. I proved that I can go without shopping and that I can curb unnecessary spending. But I don't know that one month is enough time to really see how it can help my savings. And the "necessary" spending is still there. We have to eat. The cats have to eat. The car needs gas. Those things cannot be avoided.

Overall, I am glad I did this. And besides tomorrow, I don't totally plan to just jump right back into "buying what I want" so to speak, because I do still have a birthday and Christmas coming up. I still have things I'm saving for, so in general, I don't see much changing in the days and weeks to come. I guess the best thing to do is go one day a time and see how it goes!


Gina said...

I know what you mean. It can be really hard to see if not buying things for one month really made a difference or not. However, like you said, you think it is helping with not being an impulse buyer which can always be a struggle for everyone I think.

Jes said...

Way to go on making your goal time and everything you have taken away from this! It is hard not to be an impulse buyer in our society. I'm proud of you for challenging that in yourself!

simplicity said...

Proud of you for doing this Beth. I'm glad it was successful!