Life lately-

And yet again I have been neglecting this blog.  I want to work on changing that.  I love my fashion blog and the community of friends I have found there, but sometimes I need to come back to my simple little blog here.  I'm actually contemplating NaBloPoMo for November for this blog just because I miss writing, I think I need to get back into it more.  Creative writing, day to day writing, just writing.  My fashion blog is easy, if I don't have a witty story to share I just talk about my clothes that day.  So, I feel like I'm losing my writing skills and I just don't want that to happen.

We've been having a very busy Fall - seems to be the norm though.  I don't remember a Fall since we've been married that hasn't been full of stuff.  Oktoberfest was amazing, I am again just bowled over by how blessed we are to have so many wonderful family and friends who come out to spend an evening with us.  I am also so pleased to have so many different walks of people in the house at once who can put differences aside and mingle with one another.  I think I have an exceptional appreciation right now because of what an ugly election year this has been - both sides are just really getting bad with the negativity, so I just appreciate that I could have a house full of people of different ages, religious backgrounds, political parties, etc, and all more or less co-exist with no problems.

But of course, the highlight of the evening was the beer - again I am beyond proud of Nate and the things he has done with this little hobby.  The beer is just getting better and better and just gets more complex and interesting.  I even had non-beer drinkers such as my mother walk away with at least one or two of our brews they could say they enjoyed.  That's a pretty dang big deal.

We finished a pretty large project so far this Fall - we have re-stained and sealed our deck.  A portion of it was done before the party and then Nate finished the rest this weekend.  It's needed to be done every since my Dad and Nate rebuilt the deck, which was four years ago this last summer, so it was kind of overdue.

We've had the opportunity to do one more Living Social boat ride - this past Sunday in fact.  We were extremely lucky to get to do it on what was probably the last nice evening of 2012.  It was mild and there was a beautiful sunset as we cruised down the Mississippi.  I highly recommend Living Social Adventures - we have yet to be disappointed by any of them.  They've all been amazing, well organized and so much fun.  I think I like them best because while I could come up with these ideas on my own for us to do, it's so much easier when someone else has done all the leg work and you just have to pay and show up!

So, we haven't had much down time as of late and that may need to change soon, but I think we'll figure that out.  We always do find a balance somehow.  I think we just love this time of year so much we cram in as much as we can.  There will be a calm before the storm that is the holiday season - something I'm not even ready to start thinking about yet as much as I love them.  Going to instead concentrate on soaking up these last glorious nice days of Fall while we can!


Gina said...

Oktoberfest was amazing (as always!!!) Steve has been telling everyone he sees about the beer. He's just been raving over it! Glad you have had a wondeful fall!

Jes said...

Oktoberfest was indeed amazing! I'm glad you and Nate have had so much fun this fall and have been enjoying the Living Social deals you have been finding. I can't wait for what fun things are in store for us the rest of the year!