Countdown to Oktoberfest

Well then.  Hello October.  How did you get here so fast?  I love you, but yet, I wish you weren't here already.  It has hit me that I have things coming up crazy soon that I'm semi-ready for. I suppose semi-ready is better than not-ready-at-all!  And in spite of that, I'm also excited.

Yes friends, Oktoberfest is less than two weeks away now.  And it is true that in years past at this point I've been completely panicked, so at least we're not at that point.  It's not as bad as the year the bar was being built and my living room was being painted and we got everything done literally days before the event.  Nope, not that bad at all.  But, true to form, we did take on some last minute projects this year too.

The deck was getting mildew and mossy again.  We power washed it once after moving in and then replaced some of the wood when Nate and my dad re-did the stairs and entry of the deck.  So there is new wood but there is old wood.  The old wood is where the problem is.  So since the weather has been nice and dry, this past weekend we decided to strip and wash the deck and hopefully seal/weatherproof it so it'll last much longer.  We're about halfway through this process.  If the sealing doesn't get done before the party, it won't matter, the wood will still look nice and new from the washing/stripping!

Beyond that everything else should all come together.  All of the beer is done and happily sitting in their kegs.  We've made the bar off limits to ourselves as tempting as it's been to sample some of our new brews!  We want the majority of the beer for the party, if we run out that night, great, just means we have to brew more beer.  Running out before the party would not be a good option!

Lots of cleaning to do between now and then - not that I don't ever clean my house, but for an event this big I do an UBER cleaning.  You know, down to the wiping off of the floorboards and making sure all the cobwebs are gone from corners and even cleaning windowpanes and fun stuff like that.  I know, I'm a little obsessive compulsive  but it makes me feel better, especially when we have such an old house, the little touches I can do to make it look better make me feel good.

So, like I said, we're semi to most of the way ready.  In other words, for now, Bethie is calm.  I hope that continues.  Maybe don't ask me if I still feel this way at this time next week. ;)


Jes said...

I can't wait to see all the work you have been doing on the deck! It will be a great weekend no matter what ;)

Deidre said...

I know, I can't believe it's october either - this year is just flying by! Eep!