What We Watch 2012

I decided to update our list of what we watch since some of our shows are starting back up this week!

Copied from last year:

Sunday - Breaking Bad (AMC, season finale up soon), Hung (HBO) - cancelled, Dexter (Showtime)

Monday - How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Two Broke Girls (CBS), House (Fox) series ended, Bored to Death (HBO) cancelled, The Walking Dead (AMC) I think it's on Monday anyway.

Tuesday - Glee (Fox) moving to Thursday, Parenthood (NBC), New Girl (Fox)

Wednesday - Up All Night (NBC) moved to Thursday, Psych (USA), Happy Endings (ABC)

Thursday - Community (NBC) moved to Friday, The Big Bang Theory (CBS), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

Friday - Chuck (NBC) series ended

So it looks like we're down a few shows - but we are still making our way through the Sopranos and Monk, and also Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, which are both going to have new episodes soon but we'll just be wayyyy behind.  We'll be also watching Shameless and Portlandia when they are back in January.  At any rate, I don't think we'll be bored!  We cram so much into our weekends sometimes it's nice to kick back during the week with mindless TV!  I haven't done any research on new shows coming out yet to say if we'll be adding to our list or not though!

And as always I'll post the question of, what do you watch?


simplicity said...

We LOVE Parenthood and The Good Wife! Seriously CAN'T WAIT for either of them! :)

Gina said...

We LOVE Parenthood too! I'm so excited for that one, and we also like How I Met Your Mother. One show that Steve and I both really like is Castle on Monday nights too.

Jes said...

Wow! I feel like I'm so behind/out of the loop when it comes to watching tv now! Oh well. I know what you mean about needing time to relax at night after your busy weekends :) Enjoy!