Summer love affair

So.  I guess summer is more or less over.  How did that happen so quickly?  Yes, the weather is still warm and yes there will still be time for outdoor activities and what not - but you can feel the change in the air already.  The days are already a tad shorter.  Kids are back in school this week, which has changed morning traffic patterns.  There are even leaves already on the ground.  Apples are in season.  Halloween stuff is starting to make an appearance in stores.  Fall is definitely on our doorstep.

And now you're all probably scratching your heads going, why is Beth waxing all nostalgic here, I thought she loved Fall?  I do still absolutely love Fall, it is still my most favorite season.  But we had a really terrific summer that makes it almost feel a little melancholy to move on.

It's funny, I am not the summer girl.  But somehow, even with the extreme heat, I embraced the summer this year and somehow we sort of fell in love.  I set out with low expectations - and maybe that is why things went so well.  When I look at all the things we were able to do, I'm amazed.

Golfing....patio nights with beer....grilling a ton of food....beach days....picnics....Surly Brewery tour....celebrating some birthdays with people who mean a lot to us....dinners with outdoor seating....chasing rainbows....visiting Itasca....brewing beer....singing at weddings....Leinenkugel brewery tour and River tubing....seeing friends from out of town we don't get to see very often....jewelry parties....the State Fair....

I loved every single minute.  I would be even so bold to say it was one of the best summers we have had in several years.  So, even though I'm more than ready for Autumn and to move on, I can't help but be a little sad to say goodbye to Summer 2012.  But, you can't stop the passing of time, so instead I will just say "thank you summer 2012.  Thanks for being awesome."  And on we go.


Gina said...

This summer was really an awesome one! Glad you guys had a blast! And here's to a wonderful autumn!

Jes said...

I'm glad I could enjoy a lot of those summer memories with you! I love hearing you had a great summer! I hope fall is great as well. <3