Summer is upon us

So this past weekend, Nate and I celebrated six years of marriage.  Holy cow.  Where does the time go?  We're more than halfway through our first decade of marriage.  And don't get me started on time together as a whole, next year will be 15 years.  Crazy.

And May has just flown by too, seriously, it was like a flash.  I suppose having weekly activities like golf lessons has made the time go faster.  Not to mention during the week we were going to the driving range at least once in the evenings too, so yeah, blink and May is over.  I do not want the entire summer to fly by like this!

Last summer really kind of sucked.  And fortunately it did go by fast, but there's just no other way to say it, it sucked.  We were busy all the time, Nate was so stressed at work to the point that he was making himself sick,  it started out cold and rainy (remember Rock the Garden last year?) and then it was hotter than hell the rest of the summer.    We did have a fun family vacation (yes I said fun, I know there were issues on that trip, but looking back it was mostly fun).  We did do some fun activities as we were able, but overall looking back, I did not enjoy Summer 2011.

This summer I really, really want to try to enjoy more.   Some things I already know will be better - Nate has a partner again at work so that will help, plus, he's getting his Flex Fridays back for the first time since his first summer at MSIT.  So he is going to be far less stressed I think.  We get to go to our favorite place in the entire world, Itasca State Park in August.

As for the weather, well we can't control that.  Who knows if it will be hot, cold, rainy, dry or average this year.  I just plan to make the most of the good days as much as possible.  For example, today it is nice, we will go to the driving range.  If it's hot on the weekends we plan to take a clue from my parents and get up early to golf before the heat of the day.  Or get our yard work done earlier or what have you.  We might be turning into old people, but Nate was laughing with me the other day that he realized he can get so much more done in a day on the weekend if he's up earlier.  Especially on a day we have a Praise Project gig.  It might mean we don't stay up as late on Friday night, but you know, it's not such a bad thing.

There are other plans in the works for this summer but not going to stress about them.  We will do as much as we can, biking, swimming, running, golfing, barbeques with friends, eating on patios, whatever we can fit in.

I am just going to stick to my one day at a time mantra as much as I possibly can!  I say it all the time and I struggle with it, but I'll do my best to lather, rinse, repeat.  And this summer WILL be better than last year!


Chandra MoMoMod said...

I'm getting married in September, so it's always GREAT to hear about couples that can make it passed the 2 year mark. Bad seasons in life can be difficult, but it's good to read that you and your husband stuck it out, worked together, and are planning on having a BETTER summer 2012!

More Modern Modesty

Gina said...

Hope you have a better summer this year! I agree with you - May flew by so quickly!!! Holy cow where did the time go? Happy Anniversary - can't believe it's been 6 years. Love you hon!