Good and full weekend

She's posting again?  GASP!

I just felt like sharing about our weekend.  It was a good one, even if it was super full.

Friday and Saturday were full of Praise Project stuff, a rehearsal and a Mass.  And somewhere in there was our 2nd golf lesson.  But, we had a fun date night at a new restaurant in NE Minneapolis - Eli's East.  There is also an Eli's Downtown, but the East location is not terribly far and quite easy to get to.  And they had outdoor seating.  That was kind of my only requirement for dinner on Saturday.  I didn't care where we went as long as we could sit outside because Saturday was all kinds of gorgeous outside.  We even briefly considered sitting out on our own deck and having dinner at home, but then I remembered I wanted to try Eli's (my parents tried it first actually - can you believe that?  Usually I introduce them to new places!) so we checked to see if they had the outdoor patio and they totally did.

I love this restaurant!  They have a couple of local breweries on tap but even without that the food was really good!  We split this crab cake appetizer that was to die for.  I then had a smoked salmon Caesar salad since smoked fish is my new obsession.  It was so good and was nice and light - perfect for an outdoor meal.  I was also worried it would be super busy and packed there, but it still wasn't terribly busy as we were leaving around 7:00.  It was steady, just not packed.  There are plenty of other things on the menu we want to try, so I think we'll be going back there soon!

Sunday was Mother's Day and my furry children did not gift me with much more than just tons of cuddles and love.  I swear they were both extra affectionate yesterday which was kind of sweet.  We got up a little early and took my mom to Caribou and then to Isle Bun and Coffee, awesome bakery in Uptown that has the best cinnamon rolls in the Twin Cities.  We were nervous when we pulled up - the line was out the door and halfway down the street.  My dad is like "they are not going to keep up with demand, we'll be in line for an hour or more" but we decided to chance it.  It actually wasn't so bad, we got through in about a half hour.  Mom and I chose strawberry rhubarb scones instead of the cinnamon rolls - because they are some of the BEST scones I have ever had and they only have them around this time of year.  Dad got a cinnamon roll and Nate got a caramel bun.  We took our goodies down to Lake of the Isles and sat for a bit.  Came back to our house so mom and dad could get some kitty love for a little bit.  Then they headed home.

Later in the afternoon we went to Nate's aunt and uncle's house in Lino Lakes and had a barbecue with his family.  It was so nice, we sat outside the whole time and visited and ate goodies.  The guys cooked for the ladies, even this lady who technically isn't a mom didn't have to lift a finger!  Just got to sit and drink margaritas and beer and relax!  All the fresh air really wore me out though, we got home last night and crashed in front of the TV for about three hours and zoned out.  Slept good last night though!

This week calms down considerably.  I have a girls movie date tonight, but then the rest of the week is calm and quiet and in fact, I took Friday off!  It's been crazy at work and just in life in general.  So I'm really looking forward to a me day.  We all need them!

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Jes said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend :)