Just Write - Him

He is bold and fearless.  His personality is larger than life.  He never apologizes for who he is but he doesn't have to.  He is intellegent, confident and amazing.

He has had a hard time as of late though.  The light in his eyes has been a bit dimmer.  He's somewhere in there, but I can't always see him.

I tell him I want to make it better, I'd do anything, give anything.  He tells me it's not up to me to be the fixer.  He just wants me to be me.  That's enough.  So I back down a bit.

We have found some simple solutions to make things better.  Suddenly things have turned around.  I can see him again.  He's there.  He is himself again.  The light is back.

I am so proud of him, the man he has become in the five years we've been married.  He is my all and my everything and I am so very blessed.  And most of all, he is my hero.

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CJ said...

I hope he is able to see himself through your eyes...because I think he will greatly like what he sees!

Gina said...

Oh how touching! What a beautiful post! You two are truly blessed to have each other!!!

Denise said...

A beautiful tribute to your husband. (And that wanting to help and fix it thing--I do that, too. And hubby just wanting you to be you--mine wants that, too.) So glad you're seeing the light again.

simplicity said...

Great picture of Nate. I hope that things continue to look up for him.

Heather EO said...

I love how your love for your husband jumps off the page. I'm glad he's feeling better!

Beth said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! It is humbling in a very good way to read them!