I should go on HGTV

Decorating ADD.  I swear I have it.  I just can't leave things alone in my house!  I suppose it is my way of coping with not being able to afford bigger major projects at the moment!

So this weekend my dad came over and helped swap a couple of light fixtures.  See we have an area of the house that was really designed to be the dining room on the south end of our kitchen, but we decided to make this separate room that is off the north of the kitchen (one of those rooms that has two doors and could legally be a bedroom) our dining room.  And it pretty much has been since we moved in.  The area to the south of the kitchen has been just kind of an extended kitchen and where we will remodel into something nicer someday.  I have a smallish table in there as well.  Anyway, there is a nice light fixture that was on a dimmer switch that I started thinking would be nice to have in my actual dining room.  And it hangs low, so it wasn't giving me much flexibility in this "extended kitchen" area as to how I arrange things like that small table - I really wanted it up against the wall, but if I did that, someone could have hit their head on the light fixture.  Enter brilliant idea of swapping the light fixtures from the current and old dining room areas!

Fortunately my dad is a whiz at electrical work and he had this all figured out in no time flat. We also cleaned the light fixture that was moving to the dining room really well - good thing too, it was kind of grody.

Once the light fixtures were swapped and working (along with dimmer now in the current dining room, yay!) I then set to rearranging my extended kitchen.  I think I like the results, it is much more open now and relatively functional.  We will at least live with it for a bit to see how we feel!


Alexandra said...

Now do my house!! :)

Gina said...

Awesome! I love doing things like that! Can't wait to see it tonight!

Rebecca said...

I wish I was so motivated to do house projects!

Jes said...

I love re-decorating projects! Big or small :)