So long farewell....sort of

I started this blog five years ago - I wanted to have a way to keep friends and family updated with our life.  And I think I did a pretty good job of that.

Then almost three years ago I decided to start writing a daily fashion blog - and this blog of course took a backseat - but I tried to keep it updated, especially after I was pregnant with Oliver so I could remember that time as much as possible.

I have readers here and I have readers there - some whom I know read both - some whom I've never met offline and others that I've known in person for years and others I've been lucky to meet in person thanks to the blogs.  But the two blogs have always been somewhat separate.

Now that Oliver is here, I find I want to merge the two.  I am working on something that will allow me to basically put all the various types of things I want to blog about in ONE blog.  I've decided my word for 2014 is "Simplify".  So, this is one way I can do that.

Of course, I read an article earlier today talking about how the "blog is dead."  And maybe it is.  And maybe no one will read my new and improved blog but I'm really doing it for myself anyway - if people keep following along and engaging in dialogue with me then that is just icing on the cake.

So what does that mean for this blog?  It's essentially done.  I will be pointing my new blog to my other domain - www.bethietheboo.com - as that is "brand" I've created for myself over the last couple of years.  I will leave this space here as archive - but it will no longer be updated.  It feels weird and at the same time, it's good to have a fresh start.

The new blog is still my fashion blog right now, but I hope to start implementing these changes ASAP.  I need to redesign a little bit and go from there. I have a working title of "The Melodic Life of Bethie the Boo" combining themes and elements from both blogs. 

Thank you for sharing in my life here these last years.  I hope you'll come with me on this new adventure. 

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moonsweetie said...

I'll always follow you, dear! I hope the new simplified blog works for you! And I think "simplify" is a great word for the year. Happy 2014!