November Recap

Well so long November.  I think it was the fastest month yet.  Wow.  I know life will seem like it's on high speed turbo crazy when the baby is here, at least that is what other parents tell me, so I guess it's a good lesson now to try and just slow down and appreciate every moment!

Here's my November Recap.

Books Read:
Slimed by Matthew Klickstein (in progress - cool book about the history of Nickelodeon)
Your Newborn Head to Toe by Cara Familian Natterson

Movies watched at home:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Behind the Candelabra
Free Samples
Get Shorty
The Birdcage

Movies watched in the theatre:
Catching Fire

On TV:
The usuals - The Walking Dead, Parenthood, Glee, HIMYM, Big Bang, started the Crazy Ones

Restaurants visited:
Burger Jones
Cooper's Irish Pub

Put myself on a bit of a ban, though broke it when I got a gift card for Target for my birthday!

Other adventures:
We survived taking both cats to the vet at the same time

Baby stuff:
Where do we begin? I'm 38 weeks now - baby's the size of a pumpkin (?!) and could theoretically come at any time.  In November we took a ton of classes - baby care, breastfeeding, CPR.  We also did a car seat install clinic.  Praise Project threw us our final shower.  At home we've been in the throes of final prep - getting all the gear unpacked and put together, washing and putting away clothes, cleaning house, decorating for Christmas.  I kind of feel like it's nesting, but it's also just my personality too.  If I had to guess I'd say we'll have him pretty close to the due date, but then again, the weather is changing this week so maybe that'll get things going sooner, you never know!  The mantra is still one day at a time, I'm trying so hard to stick to that and not panic.  I'm definitely over the small aches and pains of the end of pregnancy though, I can say that much!

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