September Recap

Well, well, another  month down!  The time is a flying my friends.  Here's my monthly recap.

Books read:
The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
Smart Mama, Smart Money by Rosalyn Hoffman
(one of these days I'll actually read fiction again!)

Movies watched at home:
Now You See Me
On The Road
The Big Year
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Movies watched in the theatre:

On TV:
Breaking Bad (watching the final one tonight!)
Orange is the New Black
Veronica Mars
Returning favorites: How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, New Girl, etc.

Restaurants visited:
India Palace
Clauddaugh Irish Pub
Village Pub
Rye Delicatessen
Nelson's Cheese Shop

Visited 50% off sale days at the thrift stores over Labor Day weekend, picked out blinds for our new windows, though we haven't purchased yet.

Other adventures of the month:
Installed the new front windows over Labor Day weekend with the help of family and friends, golfed with my parents one Saturday, went to the zoo.

Baby stuff:
Currently 29 weeks, size is something around an eggplant I think.  We got our registry done at the beginning of the month and also went crib shopping with my in-laws and they purchased our crib.  Took our childbirth preparation class, have a few more classes coming up in the next couple of months.  Making lots of progress on the baby's room.  Learned I have gestational diabetes and have been controlling it with diet and exercise so far.  Also found out I'm rather anemic, so have started meds to help with that.  Feeling good about everything all around though!

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