I have found myself really broadening my horizons when it comes to food as of late.

I have learned to love sushi - to the point that I crave it now.  I was never that girl until 2013 apparently.  Or maybe it helps that I was introduced to an awesome sushi place that has a decent all you can eat lunch so you can try multiple things (thank you again JL).  All I know is, sushi is awesome.

It's baby steps - but last night Nate made us BLT's for dinner.  And I actually ate one with the L and the T on it!  I still do not want lettuce on my tacos or burgers - but I may get there with some sandwiches.  At any rate, I enjoyed the BLT and I can't wait to have one again.

I've had the chance to have charcuterie platters at several different restaurants this year.  Again, due to texture, there may be things on these plates I might have passed up in the past, but not anymore.  And now it's one of my favorite things to find on a menu - not to mention, it's an easy thing for Nate and I to share.

It might be from all the different beers we drink now instead of sweeter drinks - but I have found a real appreciation for a good oaked chardonnay.  I used to shy away from these, but I like enjoying a glass with some good smoked meat and cheeses.  Makes a pretty good pairing.

I don't know.  I still don't think I'm a true foodie, but I'm finding more and more I want to stray from the normal, same old all the time.

That being said, I still love my grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch every Friday.  Just call me Sheldon (Big Bang Theory).

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moonsweetie said...

Yay sushi!! I'll go with you whenever you are craving it ;-)