Christmas Check In

Gifts: All bought

Wrapping: Not done yet

Movies watched: Home Alone, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Muppet Family Christmas, Garfield's Christmas

Movies/specials to watch this weekend: Elf, Muppets Letters from Santa and most importantly Charlie Brown.  If time, White Christmas or the Santa Clause

Parties attended: 2

Cookies baked: Gingersnaps, Thumbprint Cookies, Cream Wafers (my mom did the rest on her own)

Cookies to bake: More Gingersnaps.  Nate loves them.

Holiday drinks we've tried: Indeed Brewing Old Friend, World Market Holiday Blend coffee

Holiday drink still to try: Sam Adams Gingerbread Stout (currently sitting in my fridge at home)

New Favorite holiday music: Holidays Rule CD and almost everything Sufjan Stevens has done.

Where we will be Christmas Eve: Brunch for the two of us at Hell's Kitchen in the morning and then dinner and presents with Nate's family

Where we will be Christmas Day: Church in the morning, my parents house for presents, then my aunt's house for dinner.

What I'm most excited about: After tomorrow I don't work again until January 2nd!!!

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Gina said...

So glad that you have a week off. You deserve it! Hope you enjoy your time and you get all the holiday stuff completed that you want to!