Tuesday Thoughts

Decided to do kind of a random thought, stream of consciousness type post today.  All the things currently on my mind.

It's really cold outside and seems harder to take because it had been so warm.

I refuse to dig out my winter coat.  I did however break out winter gloves.

Running is coming back to me easier than I thought it would when we started last week.  I miss our old program but I am glad we're doing something.

I miss my cat.  My parents' house feels so empty without her.  I wonder when that feeling starts to go away.  I don't dare say that to my mom, because her recovery is going so well.

It is really cold outside.

Nate's spaghetti is one of my favorite meals of all time.  It will easily be the highlight of my week tonight.  And that makes me think that my life must be getting kind of boring.

I think I'm getting old.  I actually enjoyed watching the Masters with my dad on Easter.

I think I'm getting old because I'm making sort of responsible adult choices and actually feeling like a true adult. On the one hand I kind of don't like it.  On the other it feels oddly...normal?

Construction has started at my work and it reminds me of being in high school all over again.  Pounding.  Drilling.  Random noises disrupting the work day.  Awesomeness.

Did I mention it's cold outside?

I'm in a baking mood.  Might have to make cupcakes again.  It's actually been awhile now.

Now that I can shop again, I'm surprised by the things I want to buy.  Or maybe the things I don't want to buy.  Maybe it's that whole adult thing I was talking about.

Sometimes when I get lost in my own head I think I must be one of the strangest people in the world.  But don't we all feel that way sometimes?

And oh yeah, it's cold outside.


Jes said...

{{hugs}} and I don't think you are old.

poptartyogini said...

It is cold in Chicago too. Quite a kick in the stomach after the 80's in march. I hope you enjoyed your spaghetti. I get the making responsible choices conundrum. I kind of like being a grown up. I can wear my crocs and not care!!